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15 Ways, How Ill Health Affects Family

15 Ways, How Ill Health Affects Family

In the modern and complicated scenario that we live in, it is challenging to define health as a family. Without a doubt, the health of a person and her family are interdependent on each other. In a happy, loving and close-knit family, a person can enjoy health to a greater extent whereas family stress, conflict, unsupported, neglectful and violent atmosphere can cause a negative impact on the mental and physical health. Whereas healthy members of the family can support their family in a plethora of ways, a family member suffering from illness or ill health may have the ability to negatively affect all the family members.
Before we begin with the different ways how the health of a person can affect her family, let’s define family and health for our better understanding. People who identify themselves as part of a family whether, by blood, marriage or otherwise and who support and care for each other on a regular basis can be termed as a modern-day family. Health does not only mean a body without any disease or disorder, it has multiple dimensions like physical, mental, emotional and psychological aspects to it. A wide definition of health can be a state of complete physical, mental and social well- being and not merely the absence of disease.
Generally, the effect of the health of any person in the family is unrecognized and underestimated. The ill-health of any person will surely bring disequilibrium in the family structure and the overall health of the family members. The extent to which the family members get affected depends on the degree of closeness with the patient and the nature of disease/ problem. Here, is the list of ways how lack of health can affect the family:

1. Our relations are ruled by emotions we have and the ill health of a loved one gives emotional turbulence.
2. Money is needed in the process of cure and treatment, so financial crisis or adjustments have to be faced during the poor health of a family member.
3. We get to see the true colour of the family relationship at such crucial times. Either all family members come closer to support each other or can increase the distance at the time of need.
4. The studies of students and the professional work of the working members of the family can also suffer due to this situation.
5. Other members may become so involved in taking care of the patient that they may not have time and interest and refrain themselves from any social activity. This could disturb their social fabric and relationships.
6.The pain and sufferings can surround the family in such a way that there is no way for leisure time for the people.
7.The quality time spent with the family also gets lost in the process.
8.The roles and responsibilities of the family members might get modified with an increased burden to their existing roles.
9.The family members are always eager and anxious
10.An element of pity may creep in the relationship.
11. The focus of all the family members remains on the person with ill health and their own self-development suffer.
12. A long-lasting and a serious disorder/disease, affects physical and mental energy, making the people feel tired and exhausted.
13.The ill-health of a closed person can shift the religious faith of the family members positively or in a negative manner.
14. The poor health of one of the family members leads to low well being and lack of emotional stability of all others.
15.Lack of control,- worry and feeling of helplessness may add to their concern.
Happiness, love, care, affection and support are the pillars of a healthy family. A supportive family where each member believes in caring and loving fellow members leads a quality life.

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