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Why 6ft Social Distancing & Places To Follow The Ritual

Why 6ft Social Distancing & Places to Follow the Ritual

Have you ever wondered why social distancing is 6ft wide? The reason is 6ft is the average maximum length of a body. If a 6ft tall body sneezes, the particles will hit the ground 6ft across. If we can already maintain 6ft social distancing, we are proactive in breaking the chain of infection.

Now that we know about why it is 6ft social distancing and how 6ft social distancing defends us from COVID-19, let’s learn about situations where 6ft social distancing can be observed or ignored.

10 Situations where you should Maintain a 6ft Social Distance

1. Distance during Joint Family Recreation
In an average Indian household, gathering for recreation is a thing of bonding. Unfortunately, during this COVID crisis, it is advised that we maintain reasonable distance when we assemble for the evening tea and news or our favourite programs on Star Plus or Zee. It is even better if we YouTube in our rooms or do the NetFlix.

2. Maintain 6ft Social Distance during Dinners
For long, you have been eating alone after work. Now that you are home on a COVID-19 break, we recommend you to consider family’s wellbeing over eating-together. It is hard for us to advise you to maintain a 6ft social distance at the dinner table. As a nuclear family, managing this wouldn’t be difficult, but in a large family, we have to be very cautious.

3. 6ft Social Distance during Exercises
During this time, it is best to avoid morning walks or going to the gym. If you still have to as a part of medical advice, go with a face mask and gloves in your hands. Maintain the 6ft distance from anyone around, better still if you can walk/exercise alone.

4. 6ft Social Distance from a Market Vendor
In many states of the country, we are either on a self-imposed lockdown or curfew mandated by the state government and other regulatory bodies. But, on and off, we might have to go out to get our ration of vegetable and milk. Please be aware of maintaining sufficient distance from the vendors when dealing with them. This way, both you and the vendors will be safe.

5. Social Distance at an Emergency Doctor’s Visit
A doctor’s chamber is usually the safest place. On the hindsight, it is also the place that is prone to deadly disease-bearing vectors. If you are in an emergency for someone or your routine check-up, keep that mask and gloves on and maintain favourable or desirable distance from fellow patients and the staff. You surely cannot substitute the nurse and the doctor at all times for healthcare needs

6. 6ft Social Distance from a Terminally Ill Person
A terminally ill person is very vulnerable at this hour. If you have someone in hospice care, you got to be there present with your family member for sure, but be careful. We advise your presence there but at a 6ft distance so that you do not end up communicating the virus against which your body is successfully holding up.

7. If you are not the Mother, Stay Away from a Newborn
Newborns are vulnerable to microorganisms as much as the old and ailing people. It is tough to not be around your newborn as a father or as parents when it is a case of surrogacy. Stay away from the mother and the child as they are inseparable at this hour. An infection communicated to either of them can be fatal to both.

8. 6ft Social Distancing during Public Commute
Above, we spoke of visiting the grocery market or the health clinic. When you go to these places, you either commute in your private vehicle or take regular auto or bus services. Likely, you are not going to be the sole passenger, and in that case, a 6ft social distancing is necessary. Let’s not forget when you queue up at the ATM.

9. Maintain 6ft Social Distance in the Prayer Room
Indian families offer prayers in their prayer room. Whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim, you gather for your spiritual needs. The prayer room, a place where there can be more than one person, cannot refuse anyone. We recommend that you respectfully maintain a 6ft social distance here as well.

10. Stay Several Feet Away from Social Events
Finally, this demands more than six feet of social distancing. Forget the birthday parties or the anniversaries, marriage receptions, or a pet’s marriage. You don’t need to attend physical conferences and summits. Unless it is about bidding farewell to the departed one, stay home happy and safely distanced from the coronavirus calamity.

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