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8 Ways For Pet Parents To Take Care Of Pets During Covid-19

8 Ways for Pet Parents to Take Care of Pets during Covid-19

Pets cannot talk. If they are unwell, they cannot complain. If there is any negligence owing to our anxieties, they will suffer instead of complaining. We are happy for your pet because you care for them and particularly at this hour when COVID-19 has taken the world head-on.

The point is, what can pet-parents do to ensure their pets are safe from contracting the virus and communicating it to the family? Are dogs and cats equally vulnerable to COVID-19 as much as humans? What can animal lovers do keep the innocent creatures away from the preying coronavirus?

8 Ways to Take Care of your Dogs & Cats during Covid-19

1. Know that Pets are not Default Carriers of Coronavirus

Every pup or kitten goes through a series of vaccination. One of the vaccinations dogs receive is canine coronavirus vaccine. The one that cats receive is feline coronavirus vaccine.. Hence they are not carriers but vulnerable receptors.

2. Quarantine: No need to Isolate your Pets

No, Quarantine is not applicable for your pets unless your pet just returned from abroad, along with you. In that case, immigration will retain your pet for Quarantine by all means. At home, you can relax and not think of isolating your pet. As discussed above, they are not carriers or conveyors. 

3. 6ft Social Distance: Not required for your pet Dog & Cat

Pet owners are curious if they have to maintain a 6ft distance with their pets. The answer is, No! You don’t have to fret about the distance between yourself and your pet. A little cuddle and puddle is all that you both need to navigate through this tough time. However, be mindful of washing your hands before all that.

4. Take Care of Pets during COVID-19, Focus on their Nutrition

Nutrition is as always a crucial part to take care of. It is important to notch up their nutrition level at this time. Switch to regular pedigree not because they will get infected through home-cooked food, but if that leads to immuno-compromise, their sensitive guts will crash.

5. Keep away from Affectionate Strangers

Almost everyone loves a pet today. Unfortunately, some express their joy by directly bringing home a pet while some live the experience through petting other’s pet/s. It is good for your little creature to enjoy some extra love outside, but this is not the time. You should keep your pets away from your neighbours or strangers.

6. Activity: Be Playful & Encourage your Pets to be Silly

Keeping a playful atmosphere is good for everyone. Play with your pet to keep your anxiety in check and to keep the pet entertained. A pet that gets bored can disturb your work-from-home life. Also note that the pet is not enjoying the usual morning and evening walks for some time, so both of you must stay connected.

7. Consult a Vet if there is a Red Flag 

Overall keep your pet’s vet information handy and also keep it available for your neighbours with pets. If there is anything uncommon such as constant wheezing, inability to swallow food, or high temperature, please rush to the vet for expert advice. You take care of pets during COVID-19 when you are alert of their health status.

8. You Take Care of Pets during COVID-19 when you Take Care of yourself!

Finally, dear pet owner, you have to keep well. When you stay well, everything is in order for you. If you are taken ill, your poor pet loses security, and they can sense it. If it is a nuclear family, your spouse or partner will also be busy attending to you instead of keeping it normal with the pet. To conclude, taking care of the self helps mental peace and strength for all.

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