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Top 11 Ways To Control Coronavirus Anxiety Triggered By COVID-19

Top 11 Ways to Control Coronavirus Anxiety Triggered by COVID-19

It is spring in India now; the season for cold and flu. In addition to this, the Corona Virus anxiety presses the panic button. Although health officials continue to stress on preparation, inexperience is an obstacle.

More than the younger lot, the older population is highly vulnerable to this pandemic because of their weak immunity. And then to cope with a barrage of misinformation, it is often misleading us to wrong exits.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to keep corona virus anxiety at bay. We have to mask our mind from the viruses besides masking our mouth against COVID-19. Why? Because it is in the mind where we culture fear that disengages our brains from our routine priorities.

Top 11 Ways to Control Coronavirus Anxiety

1. Corona Virus Recovery is Possible

Harvard Health reports that “most people who get sick will recover from COVID-19.” As of publication, more than 66,000 people globally have recovered from the disease, according to data from Johns Hopkins. Wuhan, the centre of the epidemic, informed the release of its 1000 health officials after one month of service reducing victim count from 200 per day to sparing 1 or 2 now.

 2. COVID19 has a Short Shelf Life

A new analysis states that the virus stays in the air for up to three hours, on copper surface up to four hours, on cardboard, up to 24 hours, and on plastic and stainless steel, up to 72 hours. Check The New England Journal of Medicine for the latest inclusions. Viruses that thrive more than 12 hours are confirmed to be wiped off by regular home disinfectant.

3. The Virus doesn’t Thrive in High Temperature

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states no definite timeframe for this virus to shut off. However, researchers say that as we progress toward summer, the virus is going to slow down. Covid-19 can’t withstand high temperature, and in India, we experience it as high as 40-48 degree. Lucky if you are from southern or central India, particularly Delhi!

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Contracting Corona from your Pets

Contracting Corona Virus from animals is “Zootonic.” It led many families to abandon or distance from their pets. It is an unfortunate situation both for the owner and the pet. The idea of petting is a psychological antidote to stress and anxiety management. So, rest assured that it’s very unlikely for your pets to pass it on to us. Please enjoy your regular dog-walks and cuddles; the touch can restore mental peace.

5. Don’t be Cynical about your Diet

Corona Virus anxiety distracts a person from their regular source of nutrition. If eating outside concerns hygiene, continue as is. But, overall, don’t get cynical about what to eat. Enjoy your regular salads and stir-fried vegetables and lots hot soup to keep your food pipe hydrated and free of congestion caused by mucous. Ensure you follow Govt. of India’s DO THE FIVE

6. Take your Existing Medication on Time

If anxiety strikes in, you are likely to forget taking your medicines on time. In some cases, stress can also make your avoid your medication justifying that things are already bleak. Don’t judge it for yourself. Of you are on psychotic or other ongoing drugs for thyroid, blood-pressure, Multiple Sclerosis, and other long term recovery medicine, please be kind and continue.

7. Don’t Defer your Scheduled Medical Treatment

For those who are scheduled for chemotherapy, blood transfusion, dialysis, etc., please do not dare to defer or cancel your treatment. Please remember that we are humans and they are the virus, and we can’t give up to this threat. It is tough, but your medical units are well equipped to handle your situation with the utmost care.

8. It is Smart to Start or Continue Exercise

For many, gymming was a New Year 2020 resolution. It is time you start regular exercising at home or in the gym. Resume your gym routine if you had to stop it for anything unless a doctor instructed you to discontinue gymming. A healthy body with active adrenaline can defray your Corona Virus anxiety while boosting a body’s immunity.

9. Don’t Give in to Gossip that Triggers Corona Virus Anxiety

Social distancing is necessary not only to avoid contamination but also to avoid gossips fueling Corona Virus Anxiety. Half-informed knowledge or fake news can make your belief system vulnerable triggering you to do things that easily attract the virus. Some may say that the mask is useless; please raise facepalm and take charge of your health and your family’s.

10. Take a Break from News Channels Peddling Corona Virus Anxiety

Today it is challenging to stay away from news channels featuring alarming news. The way disturbing news is framed, it grabs our attention immediately. Once in it, it is a ceaseless downpour of negativity. Doers are in the research laboratory slogging for the discovery of vaccination. Those on TV are peddling anxiety to increase their TRP and ruin your equanimity.

11. Be a Role Model, Control Corona Virus Anxiety

Advise your apartment in-charge to conduct a Corona Virus drill like the fire drills in your office. Domestic assistants, ranging from security personnel to cooks, housekeeping to waste collectors, can hugely benefit from this activity. Remember, they too are fighting anxiety, but they don’t have access to Google or a site like

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