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Phone: 1-800-Total-Theme
Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

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What does this machine do?

This is an internet enabled health smart kiosk, which helps you know your Body Composition Analysis, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Pulse oxygen saturation and Lungs Function Tests

How safe is this machine?

The machine is certified for safety by CE.

How safe is this machine?

The machine is certified for safety by CE.

What factors can affect the accuracy of test results?

Changes in body composition reflect body status, which may be affected by factors such as disease, nutrition, hydration, and medication. Accessories such as jewellery may interfere with the electrical conductivity. Improper posture will also affect test results.

How often can you take these tests?

The frequency of measurement is fully dependent on your convenience. We recommend you take the measurement once in 2 months. This will give you an opportunity to develop a trend and a good comparison.

Who are not recommended to take the tests?

People with artificial electrical implants such as a defibrillator or pacemaker are not recommended to take the tests. The electrical currents may in an unlikely event disrupt the functionality of life-sustaining implants.
Women who are pregnant are not recommended to test as they may not obtain accurate results due to subtle changes in their hydration and body water levels.

Can the people with prosthetic limbs undergo the tests?

Unfortunately, the electrical currents are unable to flow through prosthetic limbs. The electrodes must come into contact with the body at all eight contact points. We do not recommend clients with prosthetic limbs to undertake this test.

Why should I stand upright during the test?

You need to stand upright because an upright position resembles the natural state of the human body. This also helps to take the height and weight accurately.

Why do I need to remove my shoes and socks for the test?

Because the base of your feet must be in direct contact with the electrodes, clothing items such as shoes, socks or stockings must be removed for accurate results.

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