Pulse Active Station

100% Make in India

Each Pulse Active Station generates a report with over 21 body parameters and risk indicators for 12 lifestyle diseases and is placed in a public area with high footfall such as Malls, Hospitals, Stations and other centers for the convenience of the user.

  • The body parameters include physical dimensions such as Height, Weight, BMI as well as cardiac health parameters including Blood Pressure, SPO2 and Pulse Rate with Body Composition Analyis for Body Fat percentage, Mineral Content, Muscle and Bone Strength and Body Water content.
  • The lifestyle disease indicators include for Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Cardiac issues and similar issues.
  • Our specialised mobile phone app for download customises nutrition and workout plans based on your parameters.
  • The Pulse Active Station generates a report on minimal charge basis and is placed everywhere for ease of access. Use it wherever and whenever you want to!
  • Maximum Retail Price for Model no. PAS21 of Pulse Active Station is Rs. 4,50,000/- and please contact us for further details.

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